For my projects, having a webpage that's just a list of hyperlinks would be useful. This is similar to gophermaps, which is meant to be a kind of menu for navigating through gopherholes to other documents on a network.

Wikipedia entry discussing the design and implementation of a gophermap.

As it would be convenient to design something for use with various hypertext protocols, a very basic format that could be converted into other formats would be the best approach. Similar to the hypa project, I followed a process of writing out the data as intuitively as I could with plain text. The result would be something I could parse fairly easily.

Hypa format is something I created as an experiment previously.

The data can be seen as a table divided into a link per row. Each link is a column, along with two other columns. The first column after the link is a short label that will be the "text" version of the link. The last column is a longer form description to appear beneath the link to describe the contents and give context.

This is implement with a delimiter-separated-values format. A single newline separates each column, while double newlines separates the rows. In HTML, this will utilise a regular anchor element for the link. A details with summary block is used for the description.

Delimiter-separated values wikipedia entry details the historical use and applications of this format, along with other examples of its implementation.
Repo for this project, includes an example of a linkinfo file format, as well as examples on usage.